3 colour trends from Maison & Objet 2020

There are countless reasons to book a trip to Paris, but in January interior design devotees go to the French capital all together to spot the upcoming trends at Maison & Objet.

Although the fair mainly focusses on home decor, it also had a special ‘work’ tour that lead you to the work-lifestyle stands. To be honest, it was difficult to notice the difference between both as the barriers between work and home are visibly breaking down. Today’s workplace no longer is an office in the traditional sense of the word. It’s becoming more nomadic and informal, leading to hybrid spaces where we can work, meet and relax in a home-like setting.
Inspired by what we saw, we defined the below trending colour styles that will be shaping the look and feel of residential and commercial interiors alike in 2020.

#01 | lavish rust

If there was one colour that was quite impossible to miss, it was rust! Maison & Objet was bursting with this warm and sophisticated earthy shade. We especially love the combination with dusky pink & peach and richer tones like terracotta, caramel and burnt orange. These shades blend perfectly whilst giving just the right amount of contrast.
Looking at this colour palette, you might say that the Scandinavian pastels are merging with the rich Mediterranean colours into one huge colour trend that will continue throughout 2020 and beyond. Pair it with terrazzo for that extra southern touch.  

Credits used images: top left | bottom left | top middle | bottom middle | right image.
Carpet tiles used (from top to bottom): Fashion& 398, Fashion& 332, Fashion& 819, Cambridge 386.



#02 | sustainable neutrals

Although we’re seeing a rise in brighter colours, neutral colour palettes and minimalism are still going strong. We came across lots of rattan, bamboo, linen and sustainably sourced wood at Maison & Objet. Even though these materials are neutral in terms of colour tone, they bring lots of texture and also often a round shape, which lends them an air of simplicity and softness. Bringing a back-to-nature vibe, these interior objects reveal that we’re living more and more consciously and pay more attention to where something came from and not just how good it looks. We want to take responsibility and look for honesty, even in terms of design, which will only become increasingly important in the years to come.

Credits used images: top left | bottom left | top middle | bottom middle | right image.
Carpet tiles used (from top to bottom): Vision 130, Grind 850, Cambridge 823, Moss 130.



#03 | spring vibes

Blue, yellow and cherry pink against a background of beige and black, that’s what we spotted at Federica Bubani’s stand. Combining delicately shaped ceramics and crepe paper flowers, these colourful vases welcome the arrival of spring and with it, a pop of colour. Overall, we noticed lots of bolder and more eclectic colours at Maison & Objet. So, you’ve heard it, don’t be afraid to go bold with colour this season!

Credits used images: top left ©modulyss, stand Federica Bubani | bottom left | top middle | bottom middle | right
Carpet tiles used (from top to bottom): Cambridge 314, Cambridge 506, Millennium Nxtgen 200, Millennium Nxtgen 965.

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