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Hi, we are modulyss. We design, manufacture and supply unique carpet tiles for the International commercial market and have more than 25 years of experience in the carpet tile business. With our dynamic and energetic team, we set trends and always aim to inspire.
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Our company values

modulyss designs, manufactures and supplies unique carpet tiles for the international commercial market that challenge perceptions and surpass expectations, all while following ethical and environmental practices.

Our core values? Let us show you.

bound to be modular.

As a pioneer in the carpet tile business, quality is what we are known for, innovation is how we stay on top. With these company values as our guidelines, we raise the bar higher every day.

We build our business on need.
We are bound to be flexible so that we meet the needs and expectations of the international commercial market. Simultaneously we respond to a changing landscape and push to innovate and improve our products.

We are proud of our approach to the environment.
We are bound to care and be inventive, innovative and creative in finding better environmental solutions for the carpet tiles we produce. Highly selective in the materials we use and committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of what surrounds us, we are bound to create a better environment.

We are always in pursuit of excellence.
Based on our ambition, we are bound to deliver excellence throughout our practices. We have the professionalismdedication and drive to achieve excellence today and redefine it tomorrow.

We always deliver on our promises.
Our flexibility allows us to adapt to make sure we are bound to our promises. It allows us to embrace industry developments and keep up to date with international standards. Through our promises, our customers can rely on us to deliver outstanding service, rely on us for support, rely on us for excellence and go the extra step.

We set trends and redefine expectations.
Our innovative and creative approach does not just end with our carpet tiles, it impacts and challenges our own standards and drives change to improve the industry. With better carpet tiles, greater environmental care and superior practices we are bound to take it a step further with every carpet tile we make.

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modulyss carpet tiles tufting

As product developers, we are constantly balancing design, functionality, performance and sustainability. modulyss has become a challenger to the established giants, with innovative solutions and a clear sense of identity.

Justine Huysman
Product Development Specialist @ modulyss

Proud subsidiary of Balta Group

Since 2010, modulyss is part of the Balta Group, whose headquarters is located in Belgium. Balta Group boasts an integrated production from yarn to carpet (tiles) and employs around 3,420 people. As part of Balta, we benefit from the synergy advantages from a large and stable group.

modulyss carpet tiles tufting

Certified quality

From sustainability to better acoustics and fibre technology, carpet tiles offer a wide range of advantages over other flooring methods. Our strong focus on innovation helps us to create carpet tiles that offer you a solution to the specific needs of your project.

Our in-house and third-party certification programme is our promise that your flooring is safe and sustainable. We guarantee our customers nothing less than top quality carpet tiles and back up that promise with a 15-year guarantee on the market.

modulyss Balta Group

Our carpet tile collections

In design, modulyss focuses on stories, the narrative behind products, developing ideas and concepts that help designers and architects formulate aesthetic proposals for each and every project. Our carpet tile collections are available in various colours, structures and patterns. Feel free to mix & match: the creative possibilities are endless.
We are always pushing towards a combination of creativity, functionality and sustainability. The result? Modular flooring that matches the distinctive character of a space. Discover our carpet tile collections for quieter places, cleaner air or reduced energy consumption.


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Our customers say it best

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The main reason I love working with modulyss is because they practice what they preach. Their products meet the most important sustainability criteria and are made from recycled materials. Excellent products with an honest story: that’s a win-win for me.

Vladimír Behunek, RANDOM s.r.o.

The carpet is striking and complements the contemporary appearance of the newly refurbished offices of our client. It was great to find a range of solutions that ticked the right boxes in terms of design, performance and budget while also being able to bring health benefits in the form of pure air.

Nick Willis, Woodfellows LLP.

50 projects to share

Each and every one of our projects is as different from the next. Because that's what we love to do most: to bring out the distinctive character of a space. The fact that so many renowned decorators, designers and architects select our floors to shape their projects makes us proud. So proud that we wanted to share it with you.

Get inspired

modulyss is a real favourite of ours: its excellent choice of colour, pattern and texture allows us to introduce fun, interesting design work on the floors of our projects.

Mairead Henness, McLoughlin architects
50 projects to share projects modulyss