Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 | Ultra Violet

Every year the design world waits impatiently until the Pantone Colour Institute releases its Colour of the Year. Rather than being a prediction of what will be hot and trending in the year to come, the Colour Institute anticipates what we’ll be in need of. In 2018, the world is painted Ultra Violet. This bold and enigmatic shade of purple is symbolic of the vast unknown and our desire to discover and explore it, thereby creating endless creative possibilities. In celebration of Pantone’s forecast, we’ll try to unravel its mysteries and discuss how it can be introduced into commercial spaces.  

By selecting Ultra Violet 18-3838 as the colour of the year, Pantone emphasises the need for creativity and ingenuity. Stimulating individuals to reach their full potential and maybe even to push beyond, Ultra Violet signals a leap into the future. Historically, it’s associated with royalty and power. And its mystical and spiritual aura, believed to have a calming effect, is linked to mindfulness. Nevertheless, it’s known as an uplifting colour that can increase creativity. According to Pantone, Ultra Violet therefore embodies both “artistic expression” and “spiritual reflection”.    

When looking for signs of Ultra Violet in our everyday environment, we can find it in the inky night skies all the way to the depths of the cosmos. Its dreamy and moody qualities intrigue us and allow us to think outside the box. Ultra Violet offers us a connection to something greater, to nature. Yet, it’s also a symbol of our digital age, as it reminds us of flashing neon lights in a barely lit street.

Ultra Violet & commercial interiors

Although most will agree that Ultra Violet is a challenging colour to incorporate in your design, it’s definitely worth experimenting with. It can add a dramatic pop of colour to otherwise subdued office and hospitality environments. But it can also offer clever solutions to the workplace challenges that concern us today. Because Ultra Violet is linked to mindfulness, it can create a sense of calm and a greater connection to yourself and the space you’re in, which ultimately results in increased productivity. Moreover, introducing Ultra Violet into offices, or even schools, can spark creativity and can inspire individuals to express themselves. These benefits are all linked to the philosophy of wellbeing at the office, which nowadays is met with increased awareness.

To help us out, Pantone created 8 colour palettes in which Ultra Violet is paired with other colours. The resulting colour combinations range from calm and harmonious to playful and bold. Our moodboards below were inspired by 3 of them. Kindred Spirits, a playful palette of tone-on-tone colours, ranging from purple to pink. Purple Haze, a harmonious palette that features dusky pastels. And Desert Sunset, a warm and dramatic selection of colours that remind us of the setting sun. Every moodboard features our Fashion& 431 tile, which represents the lush Ultra Violet shade, as well as some accompanying Fashion& colours.


Discover some of our purples.

Clockwise: Velvet& 483 + Fashion& 830 / Step 482 / Millennium Nxtgen 411 / Fashion& 431 / Cambridge 482 / Gleam 462 / Motion 410 + Vision 410.



Be inspired by our Ultra Violet colourboard on Pinterest.