Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019 | the colour edition

Each year in February, Scandinavian design enthusiasts face the snow blizzards to get to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Once safely inside, you enter a Walhalla of mostly Nordic brands exhibiting their products in beautifully designed stands. Since Scandinavian design is often equated with a clean and timeless aesthetic where form and function merge perfectly, Stockholm Furniture Fair is a key indicator of the interior trends we can expect in the upcoming years.

In between the Scandinavian brands, there also were a number of international companies, including modulyss. Our mostly black and neon-lit booth stood out against the other stands. Devoted to the Delight collection, visitors could immerse themselves in a universe of subtle metallics. For the full Delight experience, you could enter the Delight Infinity Room where light and sound coalesced inside a mirrored room. The Delight video, which was played on repeat, can be viewed here.



What struck us the most this edition, was the use of colour. The Scandinavian colour palette is mostly associated with soft pastels and neutral tones, but based on the booths and fabrics the colour schemes have shifted towards brighter as well as muted jewel tones.
We’ll highlight the predominant colours for you, which bear a striking resemblance to Pantone’s New York Fashion Week colour trend report for autumn and winter 2019 / 2020, which you can read here. According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute, the palette “builds a sense of empowerment and confidence.” With colours ranging from ‘Orange Tiger’ to ‘Vanilla Custard’, the emerging colour trends are quite striking with a combination of bold and soft hues.

1 | muted jewel tones

The iconic Scandinavian pastel-like colours were still present at Stockholm Furniture Fair, but they seemed to be mixed with richer jewel tones like ochre, rust, jade and navy. The result is a more toned-down shade which offers enthralling colour combinations that can be both soft and dramatic.




2 | spicy red & orange

Next to muted colours, we spotted warm and bold shades like this burnt orange and spicy red. These energetic hues will definitely spice up the cold winter days.




3 | terracotta shades

Terracotta is a colour that has been popping up everywhere lately and that will establish itself as one of the trend colours of 2019. The below palette builds on the reddish-brown shade and mixes it with more brown-toned and paler pink shades for a deeper earthy look.




4 | pink & teal

Cute, but not for the faint-hearted, this combination of pink and teal definitely makes a statement. Although this colour combination wasn’t omnipresent at the fair, the booth by Swedish Ninja distinguished itself in such a way that it’s probably our favourite stand of the whole fair.