This was Orgatec 2018 | All about work, work, work, work.

Every 2 years, Orgatec takes place at the immense Koelnmesse complex in Cologne, Germany. Consisting of 7 halls filled to the brim with furniture, flooring, lighting, technology and acoustic solutions, the international fair offers profound insight into the changing world of work. During this edition, the focus was placed on ‘culture @ work’ – the interplay between office design and work culture. Open-plan offices coexist with a coworking culture and the desire for flexible office furniture goes hand in hand with the concept of health and wellbeing at the office. Various manufacturers shared their explorations and gave the visitors an idea of where the world of work is heading.

Our modulyss booth at hall 9 was looking pretty dazzling. For our debut at Orgatec, we used various matching colours from the Delight collection to divide the booth into zones. We also treated the visitors to a Delight Infinity Room – an immersive installation filled with LED lights, fun quotes for selfies and our Delight carpet tiles reflecting endlessly inside a mirrored room. Our sister company, arc edition, showcased the e-ssential collection – 5 biophilic wall-to-wall carpet designs that offer an oasis of inspiration and comfort.

Besides taking selfies in our Delight Infinity Room, we also took a look around the fair. We walked until our legs felt numb in order to share the following 4 trends with you.

#1 | Insert colour

The first thing that caught our eye was colour. Several manufacturers showcased their products in a playful and colourful miniature office space. Some booths offered an eclectic mix of hues, others revealed a beautiful tone-on-tone look with colour-matching furniture, flooring and curtains. Playing with colour is a good way of adding personality to a space. Depending on your pick, its effect can be energizing, relaxing, or can stimulate creativity and collaboration. Other than that, colour is also a great tool for breaking up an open-plan office into different zones. The visual contrast allows you to identify the meeting rooms or break rooms without interrupting the fluidity of the open space.

#2 | Getting fit at the office

Wellness and wellbeing have become a staple of modern workplace design. This was also frequently addressed at Orgatec 2018. We saw a lot of ergonomic office chairs, flexible sit-and-stand desks, swivel monitor arms and other solutions that support a healthier working life. Even a treadmill and a desk got fused into one scary-looking apparatus.

#3 | Quiet zones

As mentioned earlier, modern work culture often revolves around coworking and open-plan offices. But that doesn’t suit everyone, or every situation. Some people don’t perform well in large groups or open spaces and tend to seek some peace and quiet. Others get too distracted by phone conversations or elaborate discussions. To balance out privacy and energy, manufacturers are getting creative with room-in-room systems. At Orgatec, a  lot of private boxes popped up that were actually being used at the fair. Some hosted a small meeting, away from the buzz. Others were tiny one-person pods that were perfectly suited for handling a call without being disturbed, or disturbing other people.   

#4 | Modular acoustics

Besides the private pods, we saw several other adjustable solutions that enhance the acoustics of a room.
There were flexible folding partitions, sound-absorbing panels for cubicle office designs, and modular carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are a natural sound-absorber and can easily be installed and replaced. At modulyss, we also have a developed an acoustic backing that trumps sound even more, as well as reduce muscle fatigue. Learn all about
it here