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Flex Fitters

These self-adhesive tabs are an ideal alternative to the traditional adhesives used for the installation of back2back (bitumen) equipped carpet tiles and planks. With a negligible amount of VOCs, leading to a better indoor air quality, and a higher recyclability of both the tabs and the carpet tiles, this flexible installation method offers a sustainable solution.

  • A negligible amount of VOCs

  • Glue-free (no drying time required)

  • Easy to remove, replace and recycle the carpet tiles

  • Subfloor remains intact and without glue residues

  • Made of recyclable PET

  • A flexible method that’s compatible with any back2back (bitumen) carpet tile and installation method

  • Offers creative possibilities (e.g. separate rug zones)

  • 1 box contains 500 pieces, which allows you to install about 100 m² 

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