Sustainable carpet tiles

modulyss is widely regarded as a brand that guarantees nothing less than top-quality carpet tiles. We back up that promise by giving our customers a 15-year warranty on all our products.

We consider it our privilege and duty to help implement your vision on sustainability. In order to be able to support you better, it was time for us to take the next step: circularity and CO2 neutrality. Yes, you’ve read it right: at modulyss, squares can be circular too.

From our circular and Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM solutions to our CO2 neutral carpet tiles, we want to give you every option to take your responsibility and limit the environmental footprint of your project.


Discover how you can Limit Your Footprint.


From fishing nets to carpet tiles

As part of our sustainable mission to reduce the Life Cycle Impact of each product, modulyss decided to join Healthy Seas as an associate partner member...


Rising to the challenge of global warming, selected carpet tiles are now available with low CO2 emissions in our CO2RE carbon offset initiative.

Limit Your Footprint

With our Limit Your Footprint Programme, you can now choose a circular and CO₂ neutral floor, without having to compromise on quality or design.

Sustainability report

Sustainability report

We are bound to take a step further with every carpet tile we make. Discover all about our CSR efforts in our latest sustainability report.

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Excellent BRE score

All our carpet tile collections are certified by BRE global (Building Research Establishment), responsible for the internationally renowned BREEAM assessment of the environmental performance of buildings. We provide a Sustainable Data Sheet for every modulyss product, on which the product's BRE score is mentioned. All modulyss products are rated for offices according to the BRE Green Guide to Specification.


We invite customers to objectively compare our products' eco score with those of other brands on the website of Green Book Live.

Katrien De Cooman
Sustainability Manager @ modulyss

modulyss Limit Your Footprint

Limit Your Footprint

Our Limit Your Footprint Programme is tailored to your sustainability needs and ambitions.

By selecting one of the four levels (Ultimate, Premium, Standard, Basic) you can limit the environmental footprint of your project. And the best news is: you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality or design possibilities at all.

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Sustainable carpet tile backing


modulyss uses its carpet tile waste generated during the tile cutting process by incorporating it into the secondary backing of the products. In our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our carpet tiles, we are always looking for new and alternative raw materials. The result? A high-quality and sustainable carpet tile backing.

recycled carpet tiles


Every year in Europe, more than 20 million m2 of post-consumer carpet tiles are disposed of as building waste. Processing at the end of the lifecycle is of crucial importance to ensure that the valuable materials that went into making carpet tiles can be re-used. Instead of landfilling or simply incinerating this carpet waste, we launched a pioneering service through the ‘REsponse to used CArpet tiles’ (CARE) programme in January 2009, along with the Vanheede Environment Group.