Cleaning & installation

Our carpet tiles guarantee a long performance life and ensure easy installation, replacement and maintenance. Choosing carpet tiles means saving in costs thanks to the smaller cutting loss compared with fitted carpets or other floor covering. There is no need for permanent gluing and a phased installation is possible. To help you enjoy your modulyss carpet as long as possible, we compiled our own Installation Instructions and Cleaning Recommendations.

In short? All you need to know about carpet tile installation and maintenance on one page.

Our carpet tiles are known for their strong character and their optimal retention of colour and appearance. These properties not only guarantee a long life, but also make the cleaning of the carpet tiles much easier and faster.

Cleaning recommendations

To help you enjoy your modulyss carpet as long as possible, we've compiled a handy brochure with cleaning and maintenance tips - including specialised tips for the maintenance of minituft® products.

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The lasting and beautiful character of a modulyss carpet tile is determined by a correct and systematic maintenance programme. We recommend installing a sufficiently long clean-off zone to protect the entrance of your interior. Daily maintenance, by means of a brush vacuum cleaner, can remove up to 80% of the dirt and helps carpet tiles retain their dust-capturing ability

Retaining the beauty of your carpet requires a scheduled approach.

The good news? Smart and regular maintenance repays itself many times over. A clean place makes a happy space.


Installation of modulyss carpet tiles


Carpet tiles not only allow you to be more creative in design than regular broadloom carpeting, they also significantly reduce installation and replacement waste. Easy to place, easy to replace: carpet tiles provide a durable flooring solution.

  • Smaller cutting loss
  • Phased installation possible
  • Waterproof material
  • Flexible, but hardly deformable
  • No permanent gluing needed
Installation instructions
modulyss minituft Opposite
modulyss minituft Grind

Installation minituft

Minituft carpet tiles provide a clean minimalist aesthetic. However, due to this structure, greater attention to detail is required during installation to achieve a perfect finish.

minituft installation instructions

Flex Fitters

These self-adhesive tabs are an ideal alternative to the traditional adhesives used for the installation of back2back (bitumen) equipped carpet tiles and planks. With a negligible amount of VOCs, leading to a better indoor air quality, and a higher recyclability of both the tabs and the carpet tiles, this flexible method offers a sustainable solution.

  • A negligible amount of VOCs
  • Glue-free (no drying time required)
  • Easy to remove, replace and recycle the carpet tiles
  • Subfloor remains intact and without glue residues
  • Made of recyclable PET
  • A flexible method that’s compatible with any back2back (bitumen) carpet tile and installation method
  • Offers creative possibilities (e.g. separate rug zones)
  • 1 box contains 500 pieces, which allows you to install about 100 m² 
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