As a textile, carpet is a natural sound absorber and works to improve impact noise. dBack helps to reduce noise to allow concentration, yet at the same time provide an environment where communication is easy. The backing also absorbs footfall impact, reduces leg muscle fatigue and generally makes the environment a more comfortable place to be.

In short: a durable solution for buildings with additional acoustic requirements.

Our acoustic carpet tile backing dBack trumps sound, improving productivity and well-being in modern offices.

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The construction of a dBack equipped carpet tile


Pile material + primary backing + precoat (latex)




dBack: a recycled polyester felt

How to trump sound?

Sound is part of the everyday working environment, but noise is a significant concern that is well documented to affect productivity and wellbeing.

At modulyss, we believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer excessive noise in the work place. So we’ve looked at how we can make carpet better at dealing with noise and developed a solution that will go a long way in making it quieter: dBack.



Find out all about our dBack equipped carpet tiles


dBack acoustic backing carpet tiles
dBack acoustic backing carpet tiles

dBack versus back2back

Compared with our 100% bitumen back2back, dBack provides a minimum improvement of 50% in sound absorption and an average improvement of 15% impact noise rating.


To improve the environmental credentials of dBack, each and every dBack equipped carpet tile employs FiberAcoustic®.
This secondary backing is made from recycled polyester (70%) and is free from chemical binders, making this felt backing harmless to the environment.