Take back. Give back.

Out with your old carpet. In with a better future.

Over 20 million m² of used carpet tiles end up as building waste. Or worse: in an incineration plant. That isn’t just sad for us, it’s bad for the planet too. The worst thing about it? A lot of the carpet tiles are still in good shape. Good enough to be recycled or reused. But it’s not like taking out the garbage. You can’t just drop it at your front door, can you? Correction. Now you can. Our Give Back service does just that. We collect used carpet tiles and put them to good use.

Working on a renovation project and need to get rid of old carpet tiles? Make use of our Give Back service. We take them back. You give back. It’s that simple.

Your old carpet tiles are making a comeback.

We team up with local partners to recycle your old tiles in the most sustainable way. What happens to them depends on the state they are in.

  1. As secondhand tiles.
    Sometimes all it takes is a good bath, right? When your carpet tiles are still in good shape, we clean them thoroughly and resell them as secondhand items.
  2. As a resource for new tiles or backings.
    If your old carpet tiles have an ecoBack backing, we’ll recycle them. And turn them into new carpet tiles or yarns.
  3. As a resource for the cement industry.
    The final option. If we can’t resell or reuse your old carpet tiles in our designs, we’ll send them off to the incineration plant. There, they’re turned into secondary fuel or recycled as a resource for the cement industry.

A win for you. A plus for the planet.

  • Take your responsibility.
    No need to tiptoe around the truth. Climate is changing. And our industry hasn’t been a great help so far. We know it. You know it. So, let’s take responsibility and do something about it. Let’s close the loop.
  • Lower your footprint.
    Lowering the carbon footprint of a project is a challenge. Renovating is a good start, but the waste that comes with it isn’t. That’s where our Give Back service comes in. We take back your old carpet floors, so you can push back CO2 emissions.
  • Boost your credentials.
    Using our Give Back service isn’t just good for the planet, it pays off for you too. Once the old carpet tiles are recycled, you’ll be the proud owner of a Give back certificate.

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