Product Stewardship

modulyss together with its local partner Gibbon Group, have a product stewardship program in place and guarantee that the carpet tiles reclaimed under this program will not go to landfill.

“modulyss GECA-certified carpet tiles” distributed in Australia by Gibbon Group, with ECONYL® yarn and bitumen backing can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.



Local check by our Australian partner. Does it concern modulyss carpet tiles?


Send carpet tile samples back to modulyss to check the recyclability (grade of pollution) and possibility to recycle.


If modulyss confirms that the carpet tiles can be recycled, the customer can send back the carpet tiles.*
* If recycling is not possible modulyss can offer energetic valorisation via the CARE system.

modulyss carpet tiles to be recycled under this program, must meet the following requirements:

  1. Free of all types of debris and uncontaminated by any toxic substances, such as solvents (adhesive residue on the backing is acceptable)
  2. No other carpet tile backing other than modulyss Back2Back - such as PVC or other carpet backings - would be acceptable.

Procedure would be as follows : 

  • In those instances where the carpet tile is in relatively good condition, the tiles would be cleaned and either made available for re-use or for collection for shipment for recycling.
  • All carpet tiles would be stored and palletized per type and in clean condition for re-use or recycling.
  • The modulyss take back program will be offered on a project by project basis.
  • Transport costs from the site to our local partner, Gibbon Group in Queensland (for inspection) and further onto the manufacturer in Belgium, are calculated on a project specific basis and those costs are charged to the customer.

For more specific and detailed information on the take back system for your project, please contact the Australian Distributor of modulyss carpet tiles:

Gibbon Group Pty Ltd
14 Moonbi Street
Brendale QLD 4500