Global warming is probably the world’s most serious challenge and threatens our society & future generations. We all need to do what we can to improve the situation as fast as possible.

Here at modulyss, we’re rising to this global challenge and selected carpet tiles are now available with low CO2 emissions in our CO2RE carbon offset initiative.


Carbon offsetting is a proven model that means we can achieve low CO2 status for our carpet tiles. Find out all about our CO2RE process in this video.

CO2RE brochure

CO2RE brochure

Discover how you can begin your path to certified CO2 neutral carpet tiles with modulyss in our CO2RE brochure.

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Making a change

The planet’s getting warmer

It’s well proven that human activities are making the planet warmer and that we need to cool it down pretty quickly. One of the biggest contributors to global warming comes from CO2 emissions of the modern world and by working together to reduce these, we can have a lasting, more positive impact on future generations.

No matter how big or small the actions, we should all do our bit to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible and that’s where our CO2RE initiative comes in.

Turning down the heat

Here at modulyss we’ve been working to reduce our carbon footprint since 2008, taking huge steps in making our products and production processes less impactful on the planet. All of these have helped considerably in reducing our CO2 emissions. But just like any other company, for now it’s impossible to reach zero emissions through production and operational improvements alone. When producing carpet tiles, there is an unavoidable small footprint left behind, but we are determined to do something about it and not transfer it to future generations.

Why Offset?

Currently, the raw materials and technology available lag behind our ambition to make carpet tiles CO2 neutral through manufacturing alone. So, with this current situation, we’ve decided that the CO2 offset principle of CO2RE is better placed to respond to the challenges ahead.

Making it neutral

Carbon offsetting is a proven model that means we can achieve low CO2 status for our carpet tiles. Selecting just how best to offset our CO2 emissions is no easy task and so we’ve partnered with Belgium’s leading authority on the subject, CO2logic. They have worked with us to make sure CO2RE delivers a long-term sustainable model for our offsetting.

The process is a simple one:

  • CO2RE comes as standard on the Handcraft collection; Moss, Leaf, Willow and Grind (back2back) and is available on request on all other modulyss carpet tile collections.
  • modulyss & CO2logic calculate remaining greenhouse gas emissions for your project.
  • This value is turned into a CO2 equivalent for which credits are purchased.
  • With those credits, modulyss supports a certified climate project to the full CO2 equivalent.
  • Currently, modulyss supports the Paradigm project so it can further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Through CO2RE the production of the carpet tiles for your project now are CO2 neutral.


Empowering your project with CO2RE

Empowering your project with CO2RE

Your commitment to make a change will be certified by CO2logic and validated by third-party certification specialist Vinçotte, as CO2 Neutral. This CO2 Neutral label is worn with pride by many businesses and demonstrates a desire to actively calculate, reduce and compensate global climate impact. And that is a worthwhile thing indeed. So now is the time to start to build a lasting and positive planet for future generations , so empower your project with CO2RE.

Begin your path to certified CO2 neutral carpet tiles from modulyss today. 


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CO2RE offset program
CO2RE offset program

An enterprising solution

Every credit currently goes to the Paradigm project in Kenya created to positively impact poverty, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The social climate project contributes positively to many UN SDG’s and also considers Kenya’s growing population in a changing landscape where natural resources are becoming more precious every year that passes.

CO2RE Projects

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