36 DSGN Cloud

DSGN Cloud’s pattern is inspired by cloud formations, the muse of many artists. Guided by our deep connection to nature, we created a tranquil and organic carpet tile design with a soft transitioning between lighter and darker tones. 16 colour variations set a dreamy and transient mood, incorporating both neutral and bright hues that will lend the perfect ambience to your space.

With flying colours

DSGN Cloud 039

DSGN Cloud 061

DSGN Cloud 141

DSGN Cloud 204

DSGN Cloud 313

DSGN Cloud 340

DSGN Cloud 569

DSGN Cloud 695

DSGN Cloud 822

DSGN Cloud 826

DSGN Cloud 912

DSGN Cloud 914

DSGN Cloud 932

DSGN Cloud 965

DSGN Cloud 990

DSGN Cloud 995

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