From fishing nets to carpet tiles

As part of our sustainable mission to reduce the Life Cycle Impact of each product, modulyss decided to join Healthy Seas as an associate partner member. Healthy Seas was set up to protect our seas by diving for abandoned fishing nets that have been in the sea for centuries and continue to catch or injure marine life such as fish, dolphins, turtles and seabirds.

A sustainable partnership

Healthy Seas not only recovers fishing nets, but also makes sure that they get recycled and regenerated into ECONYL yarn by Aquafil, Europe’s premier manufacturer of PA6 carpet fiber.

Joining Healthy Seas as an associate partner member was a natural decision for modulyss. Through this partnership, we work on raising public awareness and support initiatives to clean the oceans and seas of marine litter. With every new product we produce, we reduce the waste in our seas.



Healthy Seas clean-up mission

In 2016, modulyss joined a Healthy Seas clean-up mission in the Belgian North Sea. The Belgian Secretary of State for Social fraud, Privacy and the North Sea, Philippe De Backer, visited us when we arrived in the harbor.

modulyss magazine Healthy Seas

modulyss magazine #3

Read all about our partnership with Healthy Seas in the special MM#3 issue of our modulyss magazine.

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