Some of our favourite projects of 2018

As 2018 is coming to a close, it’s time to share 3 of our favourite projects with you. If we are to sum up the trends that have marked 2018, we can conclude that the line between home and work became increasingly blurred. With the focus being placed on human beings and how they feel and interact with their environment, wellbeing has become a staple of modern office design. Think open collaborative spaces, private pods, breakout spaces, … that allow employees to work how they like. Material-wise, there was a variety of different finishes and textures such as wood, marble, concrete, metals and textiles. The below projects beautifully illustrate how commercial designs have evolved.

1 | Eset – Krakow, Poland

This office design offers a clean and monochromatic look, but adds natural elements to it. Wooden structures and greenery create contrast. And the company’s corporate colour, blue, brings a splash of colour. The grey-toned modulyss DSGN Cloud carpet tiles blend well with the black-and-white setting, but also create textural contrast and a subtle variation in pattern to add extra depth.
Want to unwind after a long meeting? The kitchen and lounge areas create a cosy café-like atmosphere, ideal to grab a coffee.


Architect: The Design Group
Collections: DSGN Cloud



2 | Banco BAI Europa – Lisbon, Portugal

Located on the 12th floor, this Portuguese bank overlooks the beautiful city of Lisbon. It’s flooded with natural light and aims to create a comfortable and stimulating environment for its users. The elegant design features a soft colour palette and is rich in textures. With regard to the flooring, the organic patterns of Moss and Grind were selected. These carpet tiles, part of the Handcraft collection, offer a biophilic design that complements the light-toned wood and marble. Grind, one of the modulyss minituft collections, offers an extra grainy texture. As opposed to Moss, which is soft to the touch.


Architect: Vector Mais
Photographer: Spaces and Places
Collections: Moss, Grind



3 | Exact Solutions – Budapest, Hungary

If it wasn’t for the workstations, one would think that this is a flat in the heart of Budapest. This workplace design sets a very homey mood and offers lots of natural light and greenery. The modulyss Patchwork collection is used for the office area where it brings a quirky pattern to an otherwise calm environment. The meeting and waiting areas, on the other hand, feature the subtly structured Pattern collection which balances out the vibrant yellow elements and eye-catching wallpaper.


Architect: Level Up Office Design
Photographer: Fabian Buljovčic
Collections: Pattern, Patchwork