Bosch Australia HQ | inspiring design for inspired work

As recently as a decade or two ago, the workplace was meant solely for work and nothing else. It was almost as if anything not directly related to the bottom line was considered a waste of resources and time. Yet in even more recent years, countless studies and research published by Forbes have shown that, especially within the commercial sector, there is a direct correlation between the built environment and the productivity and efficiency of a company’s employees.

The success of a business is arguably dependant on its ability to create a company culture that provides employees with ample opportunity to make meaningful contributions in an environment that they find interesting, and more importantly, inspiring. 

“When you’re happy in your work environment, you’re happy at work,” says Brooke Barr, one of approximately 800 employees at Bosch’s new headquarters in Victoria, Australia. As one of the world’s leading multinational engineering and electronics companies, Bosch is synonymous with German design and engineering excellence. Bosch’s philosophy for Inspiring Working Conditions (IWC) follows principles similar to activity-based working (ABW), but differs in the desire to foster an uplifting and encouraging place for its staff.

Collaboration is an important part of any workplace, our new headquarters with its inspiring working conditions embodies this approach.




A community working space

Designed by VIA Architects, the new headquarters in Clayton Victoria shows the company’s diversified activity portfolio, which includes supporting new business and R&D initiatives. Apart from a building exterior that incorporates a green roof and outdoor courtyard, the headquarters also contain a mix of spaces that are open plan. This consists of meeting hubs, breakout areas, mixeduse work areas, testing facilities, employee amenities and designated training areas. Colours on the walls and floors were consistently employed throughout the interiors to not only demarcate certain spatial functions, but also serving as an eye-catching design that enables employees to consider their working practice and utilise agile working values to further increase productivity.

Prior to VIA Architects support, Bosch’s 12.000 m² workspace was not open plan, and presented a traditional space that made it difficult for staff to approach each other as they were positioned across multiple buildings. The newly renovated headquarters now fosters a community working space that not only encourages employees to approach one another, but also creates excitement when generating new ideas and new, innovative thinking methods.



We were really happy with the tone and consistent variation across the large floor. The carpet tiles are wearing well and blend seamlessly across the floor.

Innovative carpet tiles

To match Bosch’s innovative and collaborative focus and maximise employee comfort and inspiration within a space, VIA architects specified approximately 5.905 m² of modulyss Alpha 942 carpet tiles, which were supplied by Gibbon Group. With a finely structured loop-pile, modulyss carpet tiles provide a durable surface that withstands high traffic, while their GECA Green Star certification validates the project’s overall sustainability credentials. With Alpha, these qualities combine with its aesthetic appeal to support Bosch’s aim in achieving their philosophy of Inspiring Workplace Conditions. Alpha 942 balances design and functionality and was an innovative solution for an innovative workplace. Alpha has the ability to bring out distinctive characteristics of each space, with over 14 different shades of loop-pile carpet tiles available.



Written by Gibbon Group
Architect: VIA Architects
Collections: Alpha