The monochromatic days are over. All hail the mixed metallics!

At one time mixing metallics was a fashion faux-pas, but fashionistas and interior designers alike have changed their minds about this edgy trend. More recently, mixed metallics has also made its entrance in commercial interiors as the line between residential and commercial spaces is becoming blurred. Combining different metallic hues like gold, copper and silver, instantly adds depth and quirkiness to your office or hospitality environment. In comparison to the monochromatic look, mixing metals enhances the visual effect and creates a diverse colour palette that won’t go unnoticed.

By combining or contrasting warm and cool metallic tones, a myriad of different looks can be created.
Warm metals like gold, copper, brass, rose gold and bronze are often associated with luxury, lushness and sophistication. While the cool-toned silver, steel, chrome, nickel and iron represent minimalism and rawness. Incorporating metallic elements in your commercial setting will add a modern and alluring flair. Try metal shelves, fixtures, planters and counters. They will surely catch your customers’ and employees’ eyes. Moreover, mixing different metals in your office can offer a clever solution for breaking up your workspace into different zones.
Tear down the walls and create an open work environment that stimulates creativity and collaboration.

Besides blending or juxtaposing warm and cool hues, you can also vary in texture. Matt, hammered, polished or oxidized finishes, only to name a few, can add visual depth to your interior without risking a multi-tonal overload. It’s all about balance, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t mix metals with other materials that haven’t been combined in the past. Metallic hues pair remarkably well with marble, concrete and wood. The mix in materials creates a classy and contemporary look. For a maximum effect you can incorporate plenty of windows, lighting and mirrors because the true power of metallics lies in its reflective and luminescent abilities.

Here are a few examples of how we love to pair our favourite metallics.

Mixed metallics and the Delight collection

Who would have thought that metallic chic could also be integrated into the flooring? When modulyss launched the Delight carpet tile collection, comprised of 5 different designs, they formulated their response to the mixed metallic trend. The careful blend of dull and glossy yarns in rich colours recreates the metallic effect that can light up any commercial space. In contrast to the bold presence of metallic shine in residential interiors, however, modulyss translated the trend into a subtle gloss that gives the collection a timeless and luxurious character.



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