Some of our favourite projects of 2019

It’s time to wrap up 2019 with our top 5 projects. Scroll down to see them all.

1 | Huawei – Moscow, Russia

The new Huawei office in Moscow offers a playful take on Russian city life. ABD architects created an urban feel by incorporating fun sketches of cities, road signs and antique lanterns. For the flooring they opted for our DSGN Cloud carpet tile planks to mimic a stone pavement in the corridors, while other rooms feature the standard 50x50 cm carpet tiles. The overall monochrome colour palette underlines the urban motive. Although sometimes it’s interspersed with a bright pop of red, Huawei’s corporate colour.

Architect: ABD Architects 
Photographer: Olga Melekesceva 
Collections: DSGN Cloud

2 | Bourgoensch Hof – Bruges, Belgium

This hotel, located in the picturesque city of Bruges in Belgium, radiates calmness and tranquillity. The interior cleverly combines a neutral colour scheme with 3 accent colours that all refer to Bruges’ rich history. Green, for example, alludes to the old green train wagons, whereas the red accent represents the typical colour of the roof tiles that you can actually see from the window. For the flooring, interior designer Pieter Schoolaert picked our First Absolute carpet tiles because they reminded him of the Belgian blue stone, which actually is more grey than blue. Equipped with our dBack acoustic backing, the carpet tiles reduce and absorb noise, allowing the guests to enjoy their stay in peace. 

Architect: Pieter Schoolaert
Photographer: ALLT
Collections: First Absolute dBack

3 | Park Postepu – Warsaw, Poland

Inspired by the mix&match qualities of the Delight collection, the architects of this project decided to combine the patterned Dusk and Dawn carpet tiles with plain Millennium Nxtgen tiles. The result is a dazzling patchwork that, thanks to the appropriate lighting, lends the interior a glossy and elegant look.  Moreover, the selected products are all made with 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn, making it a very sustainable choice.

Architect: CBRE Sp. Z o.o.
Photographer: Filip Kacalski 
Collections: Dusk, Dawn, Millennium Nxtgen

4 | Town hall Noordwijk & Noordwijkerhout – The Netherlands

For the town halls of Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout in The Netherlands, grey carpet tiles are used as a basis for more colourful zones that match the upholstery of the furniture. These fun mix&match zones can be observed throughout both buildings and beautifully illustrate that magic happens even when you combine our more basic collections. Fun fact: the wooden elements in the interior are a modern translation of the monumental panelling in the old council chamber.

Architect: Helga Snel architects 
Photographer: Daria Scagliola 
Collections: Alpha, First, Millennium Nxtgen, Step

5 | ABS – Ghent, Belgium

The new office of ABS is part of a bigger complex, ABSoluut Plaza, which brings working, living and renewable energy together in one building. Next to that, it’s also an absolute architectural gem with lots of natural light. This workspace of ABS features our Grind minituft carpet tiles for a clean look that’s high in texture. The wooden and metallic elements add a dash of warmth and sophistication to the interior, making it look super classy and elegant.

Architect: Bulo & ABS
Photographer: Cafeine
Collections: Grind