Let's make it velvet

From its golden age in the Renaissance period to the glamourous vibes of the seventies and eighties, velvet always made an everlasting impression. In 2016, the opulent fabric retook the fashion and design world by storm once again, and it seems like it isn’t going anywhere soon.

Tactile fabrics such as velvet are becoming increasingly popular in commercial designs. Its rich feel is synonymous with comfort and warmth, and can create an oasis of lushness at offices, hotels, restaurants and retail shops. Think upholstery of sofas, poofs and chairs, but also curtains and carpets. By incorporating velvet in your design, the space oozes with elegance and lavish textures. Historically, velvet was made by weaving expensive silk threads. The whole process was very time-consuming, hence its associations with royalty and opulence. Over the ages, that rich and luxurious aura stuck, even though the whole production process has been industrialised.
Velvet works its magic best in jewel-toned autumn colours like emerald, purple, sapphire, ruby red, and amber. If you want to create a totally on-trend look, you can add some extra drama by picking a velvet item in Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet (read more about that colour trend here). Or you can mix in some metallic tones for an ultra-sophisticated and contemporary interior. Our bigtime colour crush, however, is soft millennial pink.

Velvet& collection

Inspired by the trend, modulyss developed the Velvet& collection. The velvet-like texture is mimicked by tip shearing the carpet tiles. This technique allows for an interesting play of light and shadows and creates a rich and dense look.



Be inspired by our velvet trendboard on Pinterest.