The revival of Txture x Mxture

Initially launched in 2016, Txture x Mxture are 2 carpet tile designs that bring a geometric pattern to the modulyss range. Now, in 2020, we decided to give these 2 products an updated look by featuring them in new and contemporary settings.

Geometric patterns never really go out of fashion

The geometric trend has lost and won popularity over the years, but it has never really stopped to fascinate and intrigue people. Besides being a great way of adding depth and visual interest to a space, it gives a welcome change to the clean minimalism trend that has been dominating interior design for years. Sometimes you just need to let your floor do the talking!  

Design, sustainability & technical ingenuity

Even though we have updated the visuals, Txture x Mxture still offers the same quality, durability and mix&match options that you’ve come to expect from us. Made with 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn, derived from discarded fishing nets and other waste, Txture x Mxture offer a sustainable flooring solution.  
The 9 colours, ranging from sea green to marine blue and concrete grey, can be mixed & matched with the classic elegance of Millennium Nxtgen. It’s the perfect way to add some subtleness to the power of the geometric design of Txture x Mxture, or to create different zones in your space.

The special tip-sheared loop texture of the carpet tiles allows for a unique multilevel structure that enhances the geometrical and three-dimensional effect.

More about Txture

Txture is all about creating the illusion of a plank shape, but in a square 50 x 50 cm tile. If you want to go for an infinity look, it’s best to install Txture in the monolithic method (every tile in the same direction). This makes the plank-effect seem to be never-ending. Opting for checkerboard (rotating the tiles 90°) or brick (moving the rows by half a tile) interrupts the lines and creates a totally different design.

More about Mxture

Mxture’s criss-cross design optically turns your space into something three-dimensional. It almost gives it a surreal vibe with the soft transitioning between softer and harder lines and shapes. In the images below you can see a monolithic installation. Checkerboard will turn the pattern into something bold and energetic, whereas brick actually lengthens the lines in the design. You can always experiment with our online design tool and try out the different installation methods!

How to integrate Txture x Mxture in your design?

Working with bold patterns, such as Txture x Mxture, can be a bit overwhelming. But, when done properly, it adds rhythm and attitude to a space.

Our first tip is to balance out your design when mixing different patterns, textures or finishing materials. By repeating the geometric pattern of the carpet tiles throughout your space, from the floor to the walls to the accessories, you will end up with a coherent and eye-catching interior.

However, if you prefer a clean and subtle approach, then you should pair Txture x Mxture with neutral colours and minimalist furniture. This will really make your floor pop! Round shapes are also a good way to subdue the powerful geometric patterns of Txture x Mxture. It will lend the space some softness and will create a nice contrast to the lines in the carpet tiles.

The impact of these powerful patterns is most visible in large, open spaces like hotel lobbies or open office spaces. In smaller rooms, you can pair it with our Millennium Nxtgen range and give the Txture or Mxture tiles a rug-like appearance.