Carpet tiles as a solution for the post-pandemic design and hygiene challenges

As COVID-19 measures are slowly eased around the world, we are gradually venturing outside to public and commercial spaces. Leaving behind the safety and comfort of our own home, many people are looking for their own personal space and want to feel safe and valued. In response, companies will need to adapt and reassure employees and visitors that the building is social distancing proof and that the hygiene is up to standard.  

Through design, you can guard personal spaces whilst also adhering to local measures and guidelines in a visually appealing way. Below you can read how carpet tiles provide an easy and flexible solution for the post-pandemic design and hygiene challenges.

1 | creating your own bubble

Our carpet tiles offer an illimitable array of possibilities for organising spaces and creating separate zones. By mixing & matching contrasting textures, colours and shapes you can define personal bubbles and help people with wayfinding in corridors, or offer a 1,5 m measuring tool which is particularly interesting in hotel lobbies or other waiting areas.

The flexible approach of modular carpet tiles allow you to replace currently installed carpet tiles without having to redo an entire space. Moreover, thanks to our Flex Fitters self-adhesive tabs you can easily remove, replace and recycle tiles when you’re rethinking the design or when they are no longer required.


Want help rethinking your space?

With our online designer tool you can create your own floor plans up to 400 m² and visualise your design in a hallway, reception area, meeting room, hotel room and office space.
Or if you’d like tailored advice for your project, feel free to get in touch for custom-fit floor plan proposals.



2 | clear signs for safety guidelines

For employees who are gradually returning to their office and visitors who are hesitantly entering spaces, clear and visible guidelines are paramount. That’s why we have developed signs, a temporary range featuring 4 different icons —Arrow, Hands, Distance, Feet— that can help with wayfinding and serve as a reminder for keeping distance and enhanced hygiene standards. Signs not only helps guiding people through spaces safely and easily, but it also provides a fast, simple and cost effective solution to alter your existing floor layout.

Each sign is made up of 2 colours of the First Forward range and is available in 8 colours in total. Any colour combination with these 8 colours is possible. The inner circle of Arrow is completely customisable so it can point in the exact direction you want.

Download the brochure for more information.



3 | maintenance and cleaning

Did you know that for carpet tiles the usual daily cleaning and periodic specialised maintenance is sufficient for a safe and hygienic floor, even when there’s a virus outbreak?

Even though additional disinfection or anti-microbial treatment aren’t necessary, it can however give your employees and visitors an extra safe and secure feeling. Therefore, you can add a small percentage of peroxide (2 - 4%) to the detergent. This won’t cause any damage to your carpet tiles and provides an extra thorough cleaning.


Source: Progenta