In review - LTD about modulyss' Heritage collection

modulyss’ elegant Heritage Collection, also known as our “Green Range”, has been inspired upon the diverse and beautiful landscapes of the Flanders Region. Our designers translated the most emblematic elements of these landscapes into 5 tactile carpet designs that invite you to reflect on the Flemish roots and identity.

Recently, Farah Addada (JLL MENA) and Peter Mishreky (Al Tayer Group), both renomated Dubai based designers excelling in the creation of hospitable working environments, took the opportunity to review our beloved Heritage Collection for Love That Design. It goes without saying that we are very pleased to share their professional opinion about our products with you.

In Review - modulyss' Heritage Collection

1 | options galore

The first thing Farah and Peter rave about is the versatility of colours, patterns, textures and sizes available in the modulyss Heritage Collection. The wide range of options add an unseen richness when it comes to design.

From neutral colours to bright hues, with or without inspiring patterns, the Heritage Collection enables designers to realize their most challenging ideas, inherent to contemporary design. The availability of different tile shapes, square or rectangular, adds even more potential.


“I think what’s really great about the collection is that the tiles are available in different sizes. This way you get the opportunity to mix and match. In my designs I like to combine these squares and rectangles, rather than sticking to one size.”  

- Farah Addada, JLL 

2 | creating hospitable corporate key-spaces

According to Farah and Peter, the concept of designing has completely changed over the past few years. Nowadays, when it comes to commercial offices, designers are trying to bring a hospitality and residential look and feel to the key-spaces, because people spend a considerable amount of their life at work.

The added value of the modulyss Heritage Collection lies in the fact that it fits perfectly into this new design philosophy.


“The time of the rigid workspace definitely belongs to the past. Today we aim to design more home-like collaborative spaces and the availability of a wide range of textures and patterns helps us to realize these new design goals.”

- Peter Mishreky, ATS -

3 | sustainability at its core

All modulyss’ product collections are produced using circular and Cradle to Cradle Certified solutions. Our carbon neutral carpet tiles allow designers to limit the environmental footprint of their projects. Thanks to our Limit Your Environmental Footprint Programme you can even choose your level of sustainability without compromising on design possibilities or quality.


“As a designer I realize it’s very important to create healthy work environments. Next to healthy materials, sustainability is something I definitely take into consideration when making my product choices.”

- Farah Addada, JLL -

4 | price

Both reviewing designers are on the same page when it comes to our pricing. By choosing our Heritage Collection, you get value for your money. You can mix and match basic to high end solutions depending on your own budget.


“From a market perspective the modulyss Heritage Collection has a very competitive pricing. It’s interesting that you can choose from such a wide variety of carpets and from different price ranges within the same collection.”

- Peter Mishreky, ATS -

Discover the Heritage Collection

Did you get inspired by this awesome review and do you want to discover more about our Heritage Collection? Watch the video below or visit our website to learn more about our available products and collections.

modulyss Heritage Collection