Modulyss Artcore collection wins prestigious Iconic Award from the German Design Council

Innovative design meets sustainability in the Artcore collection's impressive victory.

The Modulyss Artcore collection stands triumphant, claiming the prestigious Iconic Award from the German Design Council. A celebration of exceptional design, innovation, and sustainability, this award underlines the impressive achievements of the Artcore collection.

The Iconic Awards spotlight groundbreaking architecture, inventive products, and sustainable communication. These international accolades, organised by the German Design Council, honour the crème de la crème of the design industry, showcasing truly game-changing creations.

Since its inception in 1953, the German Design Council has emerged as a leading global authority in design and architecture. This esteemed organisation is dedicated to promoting design as a vital catalyst for economic and cultural growth.

Artcore Collection: A Bold Statement in Sustainability

So, what makes the Artcore collection stand out? It's a fearless combination of innovative design and sustainability. The collection embraces a daring aesthetic, featuring twelve abstract patterns echoeing the intricate textures found in our natural environment. When brought together in the combination of your choosing, these different designs become a one-of-a-kind organic pattern with its own unique biophilic ambience.

But the Artcore collection doesn't stop at appearances. These carpet tiles are crafted from 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn, a sustainable material derived from discarded fishing nets and other waste materials. By incorporating ECONYL®, Modulyss not only reduces its environmental impact but also helps to clean up our oceans.

Additionally, the Artcore collection features a unique backing system called the EcoBack, which is made from 75% recycled content. This backing system enhances the carpet tiles' durability while further minimising the environmental footprint.

A Win That Inspires Change

The Iconic Award is more than just a trophy for modulyss; it's a testament of our commitment to merging style with substance. This victory demonstrates that it's possible to create eye-catching, high-quality products without compromising the environment.

So, what's next for modulyss? With the Artcore collection leading the way, we will continue to challenge conventional design norms while remaining at the forefront of sustainability. The Iconic Award is just the beginning; Modulyss dares to ask questions, to innovate, and to inspire change in the world of design.